Welcome to a journey.......our journey in sharing love

Raham - meaning compassionate love. Welcome to our journey....a journey in sharing love. Hands of Raham are a group of woman who could no longer ignore the desperate need of the rejected, unloved, abused and less fortunate in South Africa - those who are often the most vulnerable. Hands of Raham was born out of a recognition of suffering and the aspiration to take action in an expression of God's love.

Friday, 20 July 2012

On the 7th July Hands of Raham spent a fun day at an old age home in Eersterust. We took along home-made soup at the request of the residents. They were thrilled at receiving the soup. We also bought them ceramic mugs, as they only have plastic mugs to drink tea and coffee. We spent the afternoon chatting to the residents. One of the ladies we met was born in 1917. She told us about the time she met “Oom Paul” (Paul Kruger). All I could think was, “Wow…….. and I learnt about this in history and here I am meeting someone who lived this.” We met many people who have very little with regard material belongings, but are rich in life experience and attitude towards life.

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