Welcome to a journey.......our journey in sharing love

Raham - meaning compassionate love. Welcome to our journey....a journey in sharing love. Hands of Raham are a group of woman who could no longer ignore the desperate need of the rejected, unloved, abused and less fortunate in South Africa - those who are often the most vulnerable. Hands of Raham was born out of a recognition of suffering and the aspiration to take action in an expression of God's love.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

From humble beginnings and a dream to Do something that will bless others, Hands of Raham have experienced an amazing two months.

On our first visit to the children's home, we shared hotdogs and sweets with the children and took along a few supplies that the nuns had mentioned were in short supply.

No cupboard doors

After our first visit to the children's home we were all like shell-shocked reality survivors. No ignorance, no heedless pursuit of small issues - instead a consciousness of the less fortunate. The tragic stories of abandonment and abuse are heart-wrenching. In the midst of this, as an inspiration, are three beautiful nuns who have dedicated their lives to God and everyday share His love.

Our second visit included new plates, bowls, cups and a meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken and cup-cakes for the children, while we accessed the extent of the maintenance that is required at the Children's Home. On leaving the home, we were informed that the home would run out of essential food, cleaning and toiletry supplies by the end of the following week.

Roof leak, no light fitting,
missing trap door
Wall Damp

This was the beginning of discovering the heart of South Africans. We realised that the need is so enormous that we will have to ask friends for donations of food, cleaning materials and toiletries. People gave so generously that my little car could not take all the supplies collected.

The following Saturday, with much excitement, Hands of Raham packed the remaining donations, cleaning materials, soft toys, new toys, plastic motor bikes, newly purchased tables and chairs for the little children (as they had no chairs/ table and ate their food on a blanket on the floor), bread, rolls, lasagne and salad (prepared by a chef) into cars. We also took a professional photographer with us in create a photo album of the children. On arrival at the children's home, the Hands of Raham ladies split up into teams, each with a group of older children and cleaned house. At the same time, a construction company had donated their time, labour and materials to start with maintenance - a maintenance team was chipping out damp in walls, applying sealer and filling this. Then the children, Hands of Raham and friends shared lunch together. Before we left each child was given a pack with a face cloth, soap, tooth bruch and toothpaster......and to spoil them......two chocolates. Exhausting, but an unparalleled experience!

Thank you to all who gave donations. Below is a potpourri of photographs from our day.

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