Welcome to a journey.......our journey in sharing love

Raham - meaning compassionate love. Welcome to our journey....a journey in sharing love. Hands of Raham are a group of woman who could no longer ignore the desperate need of the rejected, unloved, abused and less fortunate in South Africa - those who are often the most vulnerable. Hands of Raham was born out of a recognition of suffering and the aspiration to take action in an expression of God's love.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

You Are My Hero
You give me hope when I think there is none
You give me love when there is no-one
You make me laugh through all my tears
You may never know all my fears
You make me smile through all my sorrow
Do you know you are my hero?

Many nights when the world is asleep
With my head on my pillow I gently weep
When I think of your re-assuring smile
It makes me less tearful for a while
Whenever it feels like there is no tomorrow
Do you know you are my hero?

Sometimes I know that you can’t always give
After all, life’s not easy to live
Whenever you think it’s much too small
Just remember I really don’t have much at all
Even although your face I may never know
Do you know you are my hero?

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